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- Benjamin Franklin

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Calyx is an industry leader in delivering the solutions pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) need to:

  • Improve the reliability of data when imaging biomarkers are used in clinical trials
  • Optimize randomization and trial supply management so trials run effectively
  • Ensure worldwide regulatory requirements are met, every time

Having supported over 650 new drug approvals, Calyx scientific, technical, and regulatory experts possess a depth and diversity of experience that’s unmatched and are prepared for whatever the drug development and regulatory compliance process throws at them.  Contact us now to learn how Calyx consultants can help you meet your development objectives and pave your way to success.

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Calyx CNS / Neuro-Oncology Experience

Earning the FDA’s prized Breakthrough Therapy designation is just the beginning of the race, one that likely requires the use of an imaging surrogate for preclinical evidence and accelerated approval.
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Driving Trial Efficiencies with Effective CTMS

A leading pharmaceutical company with more than 30 development projects in clinical trials worldwide is relying on Calyx CTMS to make robust, data-driven decisions that ensure patient safety.
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Neuroimaging in Multiple Sclerosis

Calyx IRT provides a complete, integrated solution for managing and optimizing supplies. Learn about Calyx RTSM expertise.
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Advanced Neuroimaging in Multiple Sclerosis

This case study showcases recent discoveries and a new generation of neuroimaging modalities in the investigation of multiple sclerosis. Trust Calyx.
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