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Calyx Technical Consultants bring a collective 100 years’ experience in applying advanced technology to optimize Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM), enabling Calyx customers to run effective and efficient clinical trials.

Whether your trial is simple or complex, local or global, with 50 patients or 5,000, trust Calyx Technical Consultants to help you get the most out of your IRT system and ensure your trials’ success.


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Vice President, Scientific E-tech Enabled Services

Craig Mooney

Craig Mooney has nearly 30 years experience in the clinical development industry, with a concentrated focus on optimizing IRT to improve clinical trial efficiencies. Craig brings a unique understanding of IRT from both a delivery and user perspective, having served as the Director of IRT at Bristol-Myers Squibb for most of the past decade and having held roles in clinical operations, IMP packaging, and labeling & logistics. He is considered an industry expert and has been a featured speaker at numerous IRT conferences including positions as Conference Chairman.


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Director, Technical Solutions

Sylvain Berthelot

Sylvain has acquired extensive experience in IRT through various roles within Calyx over his 10+ years in the company. It allows him to grasp where IRT can make a difference based on the protocol design, and accordingly advise clinical trial teams what solution is the most suitable for each trial. Sylvain is a key member of the Calyx IRT product core team, acting as an advocate for end-users, as well as sharing his vision with the team to push the boundaries of IRT.


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Associate Director, Statistics & Product Support Services

Malcolm Morrissey, PhD

Malcolm is responsible for a team of consultants who contribute to the design, review, and technical live study support for all Calyx IRT studies. He holds a PhD in Statistical Inference, obtained in 2001, and has 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. His key interest areas are randomization design and medication management in IRT. Malcolm and his team are subject matter experts in these areas for Calyx and their experience is shared in conferences, publications, and, crucially, in client-facing meetings at any point in the life cycle of a Calyx-supported trial.


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Associate Director, Project & Program Management

Lee Bardy

Lee provides extensive knowledge and oversight in clinical trials in the IRT space. She has designed complex and adaptive RTSM system designs to meet a wide range of needs required in therapeutic areas ranging from oncology and neurology to infectious diseases, and many more. With over 12 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she is viewed as a subject matter expert, reviewing and advising on protocol design and new product innovation and implementation. She manages a team of Business Analysts who ensure Calyx IRT systems are built with efficiency, data integrity, and patient safety in mind.

Statistical Design & Trial Supplies Consultant

Steve Siron

Steve is a member of a team of consultants who contribute to the design, review, and technical live study support for all Calyx IRT studies. He holds a BSc in Pharmacy and has 20 years of IRT experience. Steve is one of the subject matter experts in randomization design and medication management in IRT for Calyx. Prior to joining his current team, Steve functioned as an IRT Project Manager, Solutions Designer, and Production Programmer, giving him a complete background in Calyx IRT system functionality.


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Principal Business Analyst, IRT Services

Nicole Cirket

Nicole specializes in establishing IRT system requirements to support the unique needs of clinical trials, always with the optimal system delivery in mind. Nicole relies on her 8 years’ experience working on IRT trials to support and lead the development of Calyx products and processes. This includes defining a delivery model that strengthened the rapid delivery of IRT for COVID-19 trials. Nicole is considered a subject matter expert in the IRT space, heavily contributing to the training and development of her peers, in addition to working closely in collaboration with other departments and service lines within Calyx.


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