Calyx Medical Imaging Delivers More Precise Brain Tumor Assessments

Assessing brain tumors in a standardized manner to characterize treatment response is complex. Although RANO criteria are commonly utilized for neuro-oncology clinical trials, there is a growing need for objective and quantitative markers to assess tumor size and characteristics. However, volumetric tumor assessments, which currently need to be conducted manually by neuroradiologists, are time-consuming and challenging.

To overcome this, Calyx Medical Imaging partners with Neosoma, an innovative medical technology company whose AI-based neuro-oncology software device is shown to achieve high accuracy in tumor volume measurement and consistent, faster, and more precise assessments of tumor change.

Neosoma’s technology is highly effective for high- and low-grade gliomas and is under development for brain metastasis and other tumor types.

Neosoma’s solution provides automated 3D intratumoral segmentation and longitudinal volumetric measurements by ingesting standard MRI sequences (pre- and post-contrast T1w, T2w, and FLAIR sequences) and by outputting the volumes of enhancing, T2/FLAIR, and necrosis/surgical cavity parts of the high-grade gliomas.

The solution can be deployed within Calyx’s infrastructure without presenting risks to data custody/security, to assist criteria-based assessments for supporting active clinical trial endpoints and for retrospective analysis.

The combination of Calyx’s experience supporting nearly 100 neuro-oncology clinical trials and Neosoma’s AI-based marker approach gives sponsors a comprehensive assessment of their compounds targeting brain cancer.

Visit for information on Calyx’s neuro-oncology trial imaging experience.

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