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Data Insights Improve Planning

Calyx’s reporting suite is built upon 30 years of experience and extensive research into how our clients are using IRT data to monitor the progress of their clinical trials. Reports are designed to ensure quick and efficient access to study data and metrics, giving study team members the right level of insights into trial execution, whether their point of focus is clinical operations or clinical supplies.


Calyx’s reporting suite covers over 80% of typical trial requirements, from study, country, and site to patient, visit, and pack data. Our designers tailor each report to include study-specific data points; if we collect the data, we report the data. These trial-tailored reports are accessible and downloadable at any time. And new reports can be created for more extensive reporting needs.

Through Calyx reports, trial supply teams have easy insight into key aspects of their trial, including:

  • The ability to create charts and graphs from your data, providing quick insights into key trial information
  • Self-service reports allow study teams to create their own ad hoc site, patient, pack, and shipment reports as needed
  • Portfolio Data View reports deliver an aggregate view of data across all studies in a portfolio, giving users real-time insight into drug availability, status, and batch expiration across all locations.

Calyx’s dedicated RTSM Data Management team supports additional ad hoc data requests, like when you need a masked SAS file for mid-study reviews or an urgent unforeseen request for an audit. And reports are available which help trial supply teams make informed decisions, alerting them if trial supply changes are required.

Demand and Availability Reports

Calyx IRT considers all medication needs for every patient’s next scheduled visit, from randomization onward, identifying any unmet needs from available site stock. The Site Demand and Availability report uses this to show how many patients could currently be randomized at each site.

Calyx IRT considers all medication needs for every patient’s upcoming visit, from randomization onward, identifying any unmet needs from available central and local depot stock. The Depot Demand & Availability report uses this to show the last date by which all patient needs can be successfully met by the current depot stock for each region, depot, and drug type.

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