Medical Imaging


MSK Expertise

Calyx is a leading provider of imaging core lab services, offering proven clinical imaging solutions to standardize musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging endpoint assessments. The key to our success can be credited to a dedicated and experienced operational and medical team.

Engaging KOLs and Independent Readers

Our flexibility in choosing readers enables you to utilize virtually any KOL as an expert reader. We collaborate with you to identify the best possible readers and read model for your trial. Due to the technical nature of MSK assessments, having an expert and small pool of readers is essential to balance read volumes while maintaining high quality and ensuring low inter-reader variability.

Our primary goal is to provide accurate and precise assessments by expert readers. To achieve this, we ensure standardization in image acquisition by providing imaging templates, positioning devices, and monitoring instrument quality control, as well as consistent scanner calibration across sites within a study.

Standardization of image acquisition allows optimal image quality at baseline and consistent imaging at follow-up; this results in increased sensitivity and power to demonstrate treatment effects. Our staff compares the results of all follow up scans to baseline to ensure consistent positioning across timepoints.
We have invested in creating state of the art technology to facilitate the use of complex criteria across the MSK spectrum including:

  • Customizing analysis application based on criteria author’s reading preference
  • Integrating advanced imaging algorithms for muscle and fat segmentation into our standard imaging workflow
  • Investing customized solutions for monitoring drift in scanners over time, as well as proprietary software to harmonize DXA imaging across multiple manufactures
  • Expedited reporting, including, eligibility results and safety endpoints, for example, confirmation of fracture, T and Z scores and excessive bone loss

Global Support

Calyx’s Medical Imaging team leverages our established operational footprint to implement an imaging strategy that acquires complex yet optimized CNS images from investigative sites around the world.

With local support in India, China, North America, and Europe, you can have confidence that the imaging components of your CNS trial will run smoothly and deliver high quality data you can rely on. Every time.

Discover Our Therapeutic Expertise

Calyx’s expertise spans across all phases of clinical development and therapeutic areas. In addition to CNS, we have significant experience and proven capabilities in providing medical imaging services to support the clinical development of new treatments in oncology, musculoskeletal, and many other therapeutic areas.


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