April 4, 2023

Calyx Delivers Imaging Biomarkers to Advance Neuropsychiatric Treatment Development

Calyx Medical Imaging extends groundbreaking capability from Ceretype to improve psychiatric treatment outcomes

Nottingham, England and Morrisville, NC – April 4, 2023 Calyx, the eClinical and Regulatory solutions and services provider relied on for solving complex data challenges in clinical research, today announced a strategic partnership with Ceretype Neuromedicine, Inc., whose novel functional MRI (fMRI) platform incorporates optimal image acquisition and advanced analytics to de-risk and accelerate the development of psychiatric and neurological therapies.

The current lack of objective biomarkers presents a real challenge for researchers developing treatments for depression/anxiety, schizophrenia, and other neurological/psychiatric conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. An in-market, audit-cleared “biomarker engine,” the Ceretype platform utilizes cutting-edge fMRI and artificial intelligence (AI) to connect neural circuitry to patient behaviors and treatment outcomes, delivering the objective biologic endpoints researchers need for more precise measurement of treatment effects during central nervous system (CNS) drug development.

“A key component of Calyx’s strategy is partnering with best-in-class technology providers to offer the innovative imaging biomarkers required to find new treatments for unmet medical needs,” said Stephen M. Bravo, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Calyx. “We’re excited to partner with Ceretype and for our customers to leverage their advanced fMRI technology to bring new and more effective psychiatric treatments to market.”

“We’re delighted to combine Ceretype’s neuroscience, biophysics, and computing expertise with Calyx’s 25 years of experience delivering reliable clinical trial imaging,” said Emily Stern, CEO at Ceretype. “Through this partnership, we will achieve our mission of improving psychiatric and neurologic patient outcomes through precision drug development and precision treatment.”

For more information visit Calyx.ai/Imaging and ceretype.com.

About Calyx

Through innovative eClinical and Regulatory solutions and services, Calyx turns the uncertain into the reliable, helping bring new medical treatments to market reliably. With deep expertise in clinical development and 30 years supporting trial sponsors and clinical research organizations, Calyx harnesses its intelligence and experience to solve complex problems, deliver fast insights, and get new drugs to market every day.

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About Ceretype, Inc.

Ceretype provides actionable insights on brain function – both for individuals and for populations. Our platform de-risks and accelerates clinical trials targeting therapeutics for the central nervous system.  Whole-brain, circuit-level, actionable insights, (e.g., identification of mechanism of action, target engagement, positive response profiles) are delivered across all trial phases, for any intervention and for any neurological or psychiatric disease.  In addition to clinical trials, Ceretype will bring our technology and treatment-specific biomarkers to patients for biologically informed, personalized patient care.

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