The future of Calyx RIM is on Azure

Calyx RIM on Azure combines Calyx’s industry-leading expertise in global regulatory compliance with the power and capabilities of Microsoft’s scalable, flexible, and secure global cloud platform. The alliance ignites Calyx’s ability to lead the digital transformation of the life sciences industry.

As we deliver Calyx RIM updates directly to the cloud, you benefit from:

  • Accelerated return on investment through resource savings
  • Optimized workflows to drive regulatory efficiencies
  • Shortened release cycles
  • Immediate availability of new capabilities
  • The elimination of lengthy and expensive software upgrades

Why Calyx RIM on Azure?


The explosion of data is rapidly transforming many industries, including healthcare. The cloud computing model enables efficiencies through a shared data platform while addressing the significant privacy, security, and compliance challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces.

With Calyx RIM on Azure, you leverage the latest Azure-native technologies designed to improve regulatory efficiencies while ensuring patient safety. Through automated components and cutting-edge microservices, rapid upgrades are delivered directly to your environment, ensuring you remain regulatory compliant at all times.

The Calyx and Microsoft Partnership


Efficiencies just got simpler.

The end-to-end Calyx RIM solution on Azure greatly reduces the burden and cost of maintaining multiple software applications on-premises or dealing with managing multiple vendor solutions, versions, and integrations. With Calyx RIM on Azure, Calyx absorbs up to 80% of our clients’ validation activities.


Change the way you work.

Through our partnership with Microsoft, we’re integrating existing, powerful Calyx RIM functionality with Azure native technology. We are streamlining the time it takes to do common activities; removing mundane tasks and allowing your experts to focus on improving patients’ lives.

This will change the way you work, drive efficiency, and in many cases, reduce or remove the need for training in the Calyx RIM system, particularly for occasional users.

We are developing innovative approaches to tackle the challenges faced across the pharmaceutical industry with regard to data and the management of regulatory information.

Calyx’s regulatory solutions vision

To develop innovative approaches that tackle the challenges faced across the pharmaceutical industry for the management of regulatory information so that you can focus on improving patients’ lives.

Innovating the future of RIM.

The depth and breadth of Calyx RIM includes decades of regulatory and user experience. Calyx’s track record over the last decade highlights our ability to provide products and services which optimize end-to-end regulatory affairs process throughout the product lifecycle.

With Calyx RIM on Azure, we move beyond simply enhancing versions of existing products to creating entirely new, advanced solutions for the next generation of challenges you face. Our alliance with Microsoft is about so much more than just hosting; we are accelerating innovation and delivering more value to you by embedding Microsoft’s ever-evolving technology into our solutions.

This is why we have come together with Microsoft. The collaboration focuses on delivering patient centric solutions at a predictable cost on a secure cloud platform, leveraging Calyx’s life science expertise and Microsoft’s high velocity, innovation setting precedents to accelerate drug development.

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