January 11, 2021

Introducing Calyx: An Interview with CEO Gavin Nichols

Calyx CEO, Gavin Nichols answers questions about how Calyx came to be and what the clinical development industry can expect from this established eClinical solutions provider.

Why was Calyx established?

In the turbulence of the last year, it’s become clear to all that our current research and healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. The biopharmaceutical industry needs innovative technology solutions and different service modalities to deliver efficiencies around the clinical research process, enabling patient access to new treatments – sooner.

Now, as a more nimble and independent company, Calyx is in a better position to meet these needs.

Delivering trusted eClinical solutions that drive efficiencies has always been a high priority for us. Our customers know they can rely on our 25+ years of experience streamlining their development processes. As Calyx, we’ll lean on this experience to better serve the industry. With more agility, focused point solutions, broad platform offerings, and a more customer-focused approach.

Calyx will now also be able to fully support clinical research organizations (CROs) that are such an important part of the clinical development ecosystem.

We’re very excited about what this means for our customers, and ultimately, for patients around the world whose lives depend on the treatments we help them develop.

At Calyx, we simply activate intelligence to improve lives around the world.”

– Gavin Nichols, CEO, Calyx


What makes Calyx different?

At Calyx, we’re committed to transforming clinical research, and we’re driven by the impact our work has on others. Over the years we’ve set standards for reliable eClinical solutions and services and have strengthened these through our unique brand of intelligence. We’re passionate about activating intelligence – ours and others’ – for those whose lives are changed by what we do.

As an independent, tech-enabled service provider with broad therapeutic experience and deep geographic reach, we’re able to support complex trials – and simplify them, reliably. We do this by employing and empowering the industry’s brightest, investing in state-of-the-art technology, and asking the right questions to solve problems smarter. Our in-house scientists and technical experts are prepared for whatever the drug development process throws at them.

The bottom line is that since we’ve seen it all over the past two decades, we know how to combine the right people and the right tools to get it done. Every time. That’s the Calyx difference.

What can we expect from Calyx over the coming months?

Over the coming months? Why wait that long? As of today, we’re making substantial investments in advancing product development, strengthening operational delivery, and providing dedicated customer support resources.

What you’ll see as a result of these investments is a steady stream of pioneering solutions and services, based on customer needs and input, better meeting the industry’s needs and delivering ‘the next frontier’ of clinical development.

Why the name ‘Calyx’, what does it mean?

In nature, the calyx of the flower acts first as the protective outer covering of the bud; once the petals emerge, the calyx becomes the supportive underlying structure for the bloom.

Similarly, at Calyx, we both incubate and nurture intelligence—and ultimately use its many dimensions as the differentiated element that supports everything we do.

Where can we get more information?

Visit www.calyx.ai to learn about our suite of proven eClinical solutions, which includes Medical ImagingInteractive Response Technology (IRT)Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and Regulatory Information Management (RIM).

There you can also register to receive updates on advances we’re making to streamline the clinical development process and help our customers get new treatments to market sooner.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – hope to see you there!

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