Medical Imaging in Rare Diseases

Rare disease trials and medical imaging go hand-in-hand

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Calyx Rare Disease Experience

In clinical trials of rare disease, every patient – and every image – matters. Trial sponsors need an imaging provider with far-reaching scientific expertise extensive experience, and robust processes for medical imaging to be used effectively during these complex studies.

Calyx Medical Imaging has supported over 170 rare disease trials, leading to the approval of over 20 indications classified as rare diseases.

Explore our experience and contact us today to learn how Calyx’s therapeutic, modality, and operational expertise can help your rare disease trial succeed.

Calyx Rare Disease Expertise

Calyx is a leading imaging core lab proven to deliver the robust services needed to support clinical trial imaging in rare disease research. Regardless of modality, and whether imaging is needed to understand the pathology of the disease, support subject enrollment, or determine your product’s safety and efficacy, you can trust Calyx to deliver the flexibility, creativity, and bandwidth needed to support your important trial.

The case studies below represent how Calyx delivered the scientific, therapeutic, and operational expertise needed to help trial sponsors meet their development goals in over 20 indications classified as rare disease. We have delivered critical imaging services to support studies across a broad range of therapeutic areas, some examples include:

Global Support

Calyx’s Medical Imaging team leverages our established operational footprint to implement an imaging strategy that acquires complex yet optimized images from investigative sites around the world.

With local support in India, China, North America, and Europe, you can have confidence that the imaging components of your rare disease trial will run smoothly and deliver high quality data you can rely on. Every time.


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