Advancing clinical trials management

Built from 30 years’ experience and having supported over 60,000 trials, Calyx CTMS is an industry leader in improving trial efficiencies and driving successful clinical development programs.

Now we’re taking the next step for Calyx CTMS, delivering Cloud-based technology to optimize CTMS efficiencies. All our innovation is taking place on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Industry-proven clinical trial management

Calyx CTMS helps clients proactively manage and facilitate their entire clinical trial operational lifecycle throughout study planning,
administration, start-up, conduct, and completion. Join the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies and CROs who rely on Calyx CTMS and leverage its industry-proven features to:


Reduce trial risks and ensure compliance by leveraging robust functionalities to manage your clinical trials: 

Calyx CTMS’ robust functionalities reduce trial risks and ensure compliance at multiple levels, allowing you to manage the operation of all your trials, including timelines, budgets and data quality.


Optimize the future and learn from trial performance by centralizing the operational data of all your historical and ongoing trials into a single source:

Calyx CTMS enables you to make informed decisions based on efficient cross-study analysis of past trial outcomes.


Improve data quality and boost productivity by seamlessly connecting your CTMS to the rest of your ecosystem:

Calyx CTMS is the source of truth for all your studies’ operational data. By seamlessly connecting your CTMS to the rest of your ecosystem, you ensure superior data quality (and avoid discrepancies between systems), ultimately boosting the end user’s productivity.

The Full power of Calyx CTMS on Azure

Calyx CTMS on Azure combines the power and capabilities of Microsoft’s scalable, flexible, and secure Azure platform with Calyx’s expertise in clinical trial technologies. This alliance ignites Calyx’s ability to lead the digital transformation of the life sciences industry.

  • Leverage Calyx CTMS innovation
  • Improve performance, scalability, and security
  • Save time for your resources

Leverage Calyx CTMS innovation

By utilizing Microsoft’s tools in our solution, Calyx is accelerating innovation and delivering the solutions that help you succeed.

Timely Availability

With Calyx CTMS on Azure, new capabilities and Apps are made available as soon as they are developed, and lengthy and expensive software upgrades are eliminated as we deliver updates directly to the cloud.

Leverage the power of your data

With state-of-the-art, Cloud-based business analytics and intelligence capabilities, you can leverage the power of your data, expose opportunities, and surface efficiencies. The data within Calyx CTMS provides you with the insights to drive revenue, mitigate risk, and deliver efficiencies so you can focus on bringing drugs to patients.

Improve performance, scalability, and security

By utilizing Microsoft’s tools in our solution, Calyx is accelerating innovation and delivering the solutions that help you succeed.


Microsoft’s Azure cloud includes state-of-the-art deployment monitoring capabilities to proactively address performance degradation or availability problems before they have a significant impact on business.


Each new Calyx CTMS on Azure application is built as a set of Microservices, an architectural approach that drives optimal efficiency, delivering:

  • A service that’s built and operated at scale
  • Faster delivery of features and capabilities
  • Improved resource utilization to reduce cost

Security of your data is of utmost importance to us. Our solution is backed by rigorous security measures that include Microsoft-supported infrastructure design, assurance review and testing, and dedicated security champions throughout product lifecycle.

Save time for your resources

  • A dedicated private cloud environment
  • All required software and associated infrastructure
  • Secure data center, data backups, and disaster recovery
  • Validation ready provisioning
  • Application maintenance and upgrades

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