October 3, 2022

What if your IRT could Save you Money and Time?!

Calyx IRT includes one of the most (if not the most) flexible inventory management modules in the industry. We leverage this flexibility and our expertise in clinical supplies management to design inventory solutions that truly help sponsors reduce their drug management budget while ensuring adequate patient supply.

The key is to stop relying on buffer stocks.

Trial supply solutions typically rely on a minimum stock of medication sent to each site upon activation. This medication may or may not be used, depending on how many patients the site recruits. It is not unusual to waste a large part of the medication stored at site, in cases where site recruitment doesn’t meet expectations.

Sponsors could save an average of 15-25% of the medication typically wasted by using Calyx’s automated supply strategy management.”

– Sylvain Berthelot, Sr. Director, Voice of Customer & Strategy, Calyx

Automated supply strategies

One of Calyx IRT’s advanced inventory management options is automated supply strategy management.

Calyx’s automated supply strategy management option automates how many drug kits are shipped to sites. Instead of shipping a set amount of medication to each site based on expected recruitment rate, Calyx IRT ships medication only to sites that recruit, based on the number of patients actively in screening. As a result, there is no medication wasted at sites that do not recruit, and there is less risk of wasting medication at sites that under-recruit.

With this type of automation, Calyx IRT adapts the amount of medication shipped to sites to the number of patients in screening. You do not use low, medium, and high supply strategies anymore, the IRT system automatically adapts the strategy to each site’s individual needs.

The proof is in the numbers (not the pudding, I ate it… sorry)

It is not always easy to tell how much medication you have saved on a study, as most sponsors don’t actually measure the amount of medication wasted. However, with simulation tools, you can estimate the savings between the two different supply methods. With automated supply strategies, we expect that sponsors could save 15-25% of their medication on average. Trial-specific conditions may impact this number, but it will definitely lead to savings in the number of kits wasted.

If you would like to know how much you can save on your next trial, we can run a simulation for you.

Reduce waste, reduce effort, save money

Supply strategy automation is a tool that all clinical supply managers need to optimize their supply management budget. You will spend less time monitoring actual site recruitment. You won’t need to change supply strategies depending on actual recruitment rates. Your shipments to sites will be fully automated and will result in less drug wasted. Patients are still assured adequate supply and the risk of failed visits is reduced.

Talk to one of our experts to learn more how you can apply it to your trial.

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