August 3, 2021

A Conversation with Craig Mooney, VP of Scientific E-tech Enabled Services

We recently welcomed Craig Mooney as Calyx’s new vice president of Scientific E-tech Enabled Services and caught up with him here to discuss his background and his goals for this new position…

How would you describe the arc of your almost 30-year career?  

I would say that it’s been one of initial discovery, followed eventually by gaining expertise in my preferred specialty. I started in the clinical trial space as a project manager where I was introduced to IRT technology. I later spent time in packaging, labeling, and logistics. After that, I had a stake in a small IRT organization, and most recently, I spent nearly eight years at a sponsor – Bristol-Myers Squibb. In this last position, I was director of IRT and was responsible for delivering IRT capabilities to a broad base of internal and external customers.

Through the varied exposure early on, I developed a keen interest in IRT technology and decided that it would be the focus of my career. At this point, I’ve got the benefit of understanding the world of IRT technology from a delivery and user perspective.

Introducing Craig Mooney VP of Science and e-Tech Enabled Services

“I’m available to consult with sponsors on how to get the most out of an IRT system and to meet study and regulatory requirements”

– Craig Mooney, VP, Scientific E-tech Enabled Services, Calyx

What’s your mission in your new position at Calyx?

I’m excited to have an internal mandate as well as an external one. Within the organization I have a “license to hunt,” which means that I’ve been encouraged to identify areas where I believe we could be doing more in terms of product features, our project management processes, and commercialization. Based on my recent experience within a sponsor organization, I’ll be able to help ensure that we provide what sponsors require. When I was on the sponsor side, I often found myself saying to business partners, “It’s not that I’m not buying what you’re selling; it’s that you’re not selling what I want to buy!” I understand the challenges that users and sponsors face with current IRT technology and will be able to offer my thoughts on how they can be overcome.

Externally, I’ll be available to consult with sponsors to guide them as to how to get the most out of an IRT system, and equally important, how not to use one for the best results in meeting study and regulatory requirements.

How do you see your role contributing to the industry more generally?

I’m passionate about increasing collaboration between sponsors and their technology partners. I believe I’ll be able to do that because I’ve walked in the shoes of a sponsor as well as a technology partner and so I understand, firsthand, the challenges of each. I also think I’ll be able to act as a sort of Sherpa in helping companies navigate the regulatory landscape, especially as many of the regulations with respect to IRTs are evolving and often open to interpretation. I also intend to be an evangelist for IRT technology, helping people throughout the industry understand the benefits of a well-designed IRT system.

What excites you most about joining Calyx?

I’m thrilled to see Calyx become its own entity, focused exclusively on e-clinical technologies, without the dilution of purpose that just naturally comes from being one part of a more diversified business.  At the same time, Calyx isn’t a start-up; we’ve got such rich DNA borne of 25 years in the industry. And we continue to invest in hiring experts with well-honed skills and fresh viewpoints. I see the company as the perfect blend of entrepreneurial creativity and the expertise that only comes with a long history of experience and success. This combination is what most excites me about Calyx’s future.

I’m looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and contributing in a meaningful way to what Calyx has to offer the industry.

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