Solid Tumor Trials: Maintain More Patients with irRECIST

The Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer recently published ‘Comparison of tumor assessments using RECIST 1.1 and irRECIST, and association with overall survival,’ marking the first time immune-related criteria show correlation with Overall Survival as its most meaningful endpoint in the treatment of cancer patients.

The publication demonstrates the benefit to a subgroup of patients who otherwise would have foregone treatment and survival benefit when relying solely on RECIST 1.1 instead of irRECIST, as irRECIST takes the entire tumor burden including new tumor growth into consideration.

In this webinar, Dr. Oliver Bohnsack of Calyx – a leading expert on RECIST and irRECIST – discusses the implications of these findings, what it means for oncology clinical development and treatment decision-making, and why irRECIST easily can and shall replace outdated RECIST 1.1 on all solid tumor trials going forward.

July 13, 2022


Oliver Bohnsack, MD PhD MBA image

Oliver Bohnsack, MD PhD MBA

Vice President, Medical Imaging and Head of Oncology, Calyx

In leading the imaging component of oncology studies for Calyx’s global customers, Oliver leverages his experience from supporting over 600 clinical trials – with various indications, complexities, and in all phases of development – which led to the approval of over 20 oncology treatments. He is co-author of the immune-related response criteria (irRC, 2009), first author of irRECIST (2014), and co-author of Comparison of Assessments using RECIST and irRECIST by Eggleton P. et al. (2020).

S. Peter Eggleton MD image

S. Peter Eggleton MD

Head of Imaging Science, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany and EMD Serono Inc

Peter Eggleton is a licensed physician, a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Pharmaceutical Physicians, specialising in oncology drug development, and also is a certified radiologist with a special interest in imaging endpoints in oncology. He has specialised in oncology drug development and in imaging-based endpoints for over 30 years. His industry career began with the clinical development of gadopentetate and iopromide before transferring to the oncology development field, where, following development of docetaxel and irinotecan, he led the clinical development team for cetuximab. He has now returned to imaging science, and heads up the Imaging Center at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. He has published extensively on both oncology and oncology imaging, and sits on the RECIST working group immune subcommittee. He is based near London, England.

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