IRT Webinar

Over the past decade, China’s clinical trials have flourished; sponsors have moved beyond simple patient-randomized drug supply to a more complex and adaptable system-level solution as they interface with international and local clinical trial programs.

The emergence of the new epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine have made this trend increasingly clear. In an era of uncertainty and conflict, needs have become more complex and costs have risen. Here, we return to one of the original purposes of the IRT system – patient randomization – as the entry point for this workshop, and share with you the experience  gained during more than twenty-five years from Calyx:

  • What is IRT system
  • What problems IRT can solve in clinical trials
  • How IRT systems can manage the balance of randomization and reduce the risk of blinding in complex randomization scenarios
  • A deep dive into randomization and how it contributes to efficient clinical trials
April 26, 2022


Robyn Mao image

Robyn Mao

Senior system analyst, Calyx IRT

More than 8 years of experience in IRT system design and project management for clinical trials. He has provided platform building and management services for more than 60 IRT projects for more than 15 large pharmaceutical companies in China and globally. Expert in providing professional needs assessment analysis and developing practical solutions to complex design issues and risks associated with different trial protocols.

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