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Leveraging IRT to Further Improve Trial Efficiencies

The usual medication stock management tools of patient prediction and ‘trigger and resupply’ are only the tip of the IRT iceberg when it comes to improving randomization and trial supply management. For example, IRT is commonly underused when it comes to reducing medication waste.

This session will review advanced IRT settings that can be applied to better control the supply chain.  The aim is to increase awareness of these standard IRT options, which can reduce site stock levels beyond those typically considered during IRT setup, resulting in more efficient clinical trials.

October 6, 2021


Craig Mooney image

Craig Mooney

Vice President, Scientific E-tech Enabled Services, Calyx

Craig Mooney has nearly 30 years’ experience in the clinical development industry, with concentrated focus on optimizing IRT to improve clinical trial efficiencies. Craig brings a unique understanding of IRT from both a delivery and user perspective, having served as the Director of IRT at Bristol-Myers Squibb for most of the past decade and having held roles in clinical operations, IMP packaging, and labeling & logistics. He is considered an industry expert and has been a featured speaker at numerous IRT conferences including positions as Conference Chairman.

Malcolm Morrissey image

Malcolm Morrissey

Associate Director, Statistics and Product Support Services, Calyx

Malcolm Morrissey obtained a PhD in Statistical Inference in 2001 and since has had broad experience as a research associate, statistician, and manager in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined Calyx in 2005 and currently manages a team whose duties include supporting and developing randomization and medication management algorithms for clinical trials managed by IRT.

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