Pre Recording
Karen Harry- The impacts of structured data across RIM and publishing and how this may result in the future merging of these two distinct functionalities and what this would mean for organizations in terms of business processes and RIM/Publishing solutions

Dan Smith eCTD Future session: Feb 15, 2022 4:15pm – 5:30pm

  • Identify the basics of eCTD 4.0
  • Plan for eCTD 4.0 timelines and prepare colleagues in your organization for eCTD 4.0
  • Implement changes to your regulatory daily business due to eCTD 4.
  • Recognize the value and the promise of more efficient reviews of submissions

Jo English: Chairing Session Feb 16th 8:30am-9:45am

  • “The only constant is change; How will emerging data standards affect global regulatory processes”
  • Karen Harry “How it’s really going to work, looking at the impacts to controlled value lists, how organizations will truly manage these changes”

Join us in Bethesda, MD

February 14-16, 2022

February 14, 2022
February 15, 2022
February 16, 2022

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