Clinical Trial Supply Forum

Data-Driven Decision Making For Clinical Trial Supply Implementing Intuitive Reporting & Visualization To Effectively Model, Forecast & Verify Supply Plans

In what ways can technology enable us to assess impacts of supply chain decisions in real-time and adapt accordingly?


  • What are the tools available to increase forecasting & planning accuracy and provide visibility to the entire supply chain?
  • In what ways can scenario modelling & simulation be optimised to ensure a robust and effectively clinical supply chain that is also lean?
  • Learn how real-time data can help impact the clinical trial supply chain and ensure on-time delivery, decreased waste and cost
  • Using new planning, forecasting and simulation tools to influence designs and study success

Brussels, Belgium
The President Brussels Hotel
17-19 May

Booth #25
Main Conference Day 2 at 12:30PM

May 17, 2022
May 18, 2022
May 19, 2022


Sylvain Berthelot image

Sylvain Berthelot

Sr. Dir. Voice of Customer & Strategy

Sylvain has acquired extensive experience in IRT through various roles within Calyx over his 10+ years in the company. It allows him to grasp where IRT can make a difference based on the protocol design, and accordingly advise clinical trial teams what solution is the most suitable for each trial. Sylvain is a key member of the Calyx IRT product core team, acting as an advocate for end-users, as well as sharing his vision with the team to push the boundaries of IRT.

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