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Calyx operates a “No PO, No Pay” policy. Suppliers must therefore not provide any goods or services without first having received a Purchase Order (PO). The only exceptions to this policy are for goods/services categorised as one of the following:


Healthcare Services, Banks & Brokers, Insurance, Utilities, Export/Import deliveries/couriers/duties, Voice/data/mobile Carriers, Operating leases, Readers and Governments.

The details provided on the PO document must match the goods/services that are being provided, and the supplier should check all details before providing any goods/services to Calyx. Any discrepancies should be raised immediately with the Calyx department or individual that requested the goods/services. Discrepancies in PO details may delay or prevent the processing of associated invoices.

The PO must be addressed to the correct entity of the supplier’s organisation. Calyx are unable to process invoices where the company entity/address listed on the invoice is not the same company that the PO was raised to.

The Calyx entity on the PO must match to any associated contracts that are in place. Suppliers will only be able to invoice the Calyx entity listed on the PO document.


Suppliers must also check the following details are correct (where applicable):

  • Quantity
  • Unit price and total price
  • Order currency
  • Unit of Measure
  • Description of goods or services
  • Requested delivery dates
  • Delivery address

To allow Calyx to process supplier invoices correctly and efficiently, suppliers should note the following requirements:

  • All invoices must clearly state the PO number received from Calyx.
  • Where no PO has been provided (in exceptional circumstances – see “Purchase Orders” section on this website) the invoice must clearly identify the Calyx contact who requested the goods/service
  • Where the PO has multiple lines, it should be clear which line/charge on the invoice relates to which line of the PO (invoice line should state the PO line number where possible)
  • Calyx will be unable to process invoices when insufficient value or quantity is remaining on the Purchase Order. Suppliers are asked not to submit invoices over PO value and instead should contact their Calyx  buyer/requestor.
  • All company entities on the PO (both Calyx and supplier’s) must be correct, and match exactly to the details specified on the invoice. If they are not the same, a new PO must be requested from the appropriate Calyx contact
  • All invoices must contain a clearly marked, unique invoice number and date
  • The currency of the invoice must be the same as that specified on the PO
  • The Unit of Measure (UoM) listed on the invoice must match the UoM specified on the PO
  • Credit notes should clearly reference the invoice number/PO they relate to, where appropriate
  • Where VAT is claimed, the relevant VAT registration number of the supplier must be mentioned on the invoice
  • Where other types of tax are applied, the associated tax identification numbers must be mentioned on the invoice, in line with the local tax requirements
  • If VAT or other taxes are claimed, the VAT/tax amount must be shown in the currency of the country where the transaction takes place (or the appropriate exchange rate specified)

Invoice Submission

Suppliers should submit invoices electronically via email to

Invoices that are non-compliant will be rejected and a notification sent back to the supplier. Corrected invoices should be returned to Calyx as soon as possible to minimise delays in payment.

Calyx’s standard payment terms begin from receipt of a compliant invoice.

Payment terms will be stated on the PO document received when goods/services have been formally requested. Queries/concerns on payment terms should be addressed to the appropriate Calyx contact upon receipt of the PO, not at time of invoice submission. For any payment queries please contact please be sure to include invoice number, PO number and submitted date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I send/address my invoices

Invoices should be submitted as per the instructions provided on/with your PO document. For Calyx  contact details, including central invoice reception locations (where facilities exist)

If you are unsure which details should be used, you should speak to your Calyx contact.


2. When will my invoice be paid?

Invoices will be paid in line with the payment terms you have agreed with Calyx. Calyx’s standard payment terms are based on receipt date, and can be found on the corresponding PO document.


3. How can I confirm my invoice has been received and/or what the status is?

Contact to confirm receipt/status, but please allow minimum 5 days for the invoice to be registered in the Calyx systems before querying status.


4. How do I change my contact/address/bank details?

Discrepancies in supplier details (i.e. differences between the details on the invoice and those on the Calyx system/PO) will lead to delays in processing of invoices, and possible rejection. It is therefore important that Calyx is notified of any changes as soon as possible.

Supplier details can be changed by contacting  Note that depending on the details you are changing, you may be contacted to provide confirmation/supporting documentation. An immediate response to any such request will ensure your details are updated on a timely basis and ensure no delays to invoice payments.


5. How do I get support for anything else?

For issues/queries, please either contact , or your Calyx contact.

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