Calyx RIM for Office 365

Calyx and Microsoft together are delivering exciting new capabilities for our Regulatory Information Management (RIM) system that will change the way you work. It’s more than just a new feature — we have looked at the human factors of everyday regulatory operations tasks and workflows, and are introducing an entirely new way to interact with Calyx RIM.

The power of Calyx RIM, surfaced within Microsoft Office 365, elevates your productivity, utilizing machine learning and automation to simplify everyday tasks and bring RIM functionality into the tools where you already work.


  • Access key Calyx RIM capabilities directly within Microsoft Office
  • Initiate submission workflows
  • Create or update sequences and references
  • Easily attach the target email and related attachments to the workflow
  • Automatically generate email notifications to keep interested parties updated on submission progress
  • Smart AI provides pre-population of data fields based on email content

Making the Complex Simple

Through automation and workflow — getting the right information and documents recorded in the right place — we take the compliance burden off the user to help ensure the process is done the right way every time. This eliminates multiple touchpoints and the back-and-forth emails and phone calls that are often needed to confirm everything is in the right place.


By notifying you when a message from a regulatory authority is received, and facilitating the collection of required information without ever leaving Outlook, we help you adhere to compliance requirements effortlessly.


By surfacing regulatory workflow directly in the tools with which you’re already comfortable, Calyx RIM for Office 365 is a huge leap forward for the casual user who does not live their lives in the RIM system every day.

Our technology partnerships are part of our commitment to, and passion for, innovation.

Calyx RIM for Office 365 is available through our alliance with Microsoft — indicative of Calyx’s longstanding and ongoing drive toward innovation. Built on Microsoft Azure, an open, enterprise-grade, secure cloud computing platform, Calyx RIM for Office 365 brings together Calyx’s global biopharmaceutical expertise with Microsoft, the world’s largest software company. This world-class cloud architecture is designed to deliver cost-effective innovation while safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring that data are properly managed and protected in a dedicated, private environment.

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