Reducing Drug Waste through IRT- View on Demand

Reducing Drug Waste through IRT

A large proportion of the cost of implementing a clinical trial is attributable to the production and management of medication. As medical products have become more expensive to produce, there’s been increased focus on reducing the quantity of medication overage required to conduct clinical trials and cover the inherent variabilities in patient recruitment and retention that occur during clinical trial execution.

In this webinar we review how, by applying advanced IRT settings to control the supply chain, medication can be directed to recruiting sites only and amounts shipped to those sites can be reduced to the minimum, overall limiting the quantity of medication wasted at site.

We’ll discuss how strategies such as recruitment-based supply strategies, randomization code look ahead, and fractional prediction can be used to reduce drug wastage and overall trial costs based on different protocol designs, supply chain structure, and complexities.


Sylvain Berthelot

Sylvain leads Calyx’s team of Technical Solutions Consultants inconsistently turning complex situations into efficient and reliable solutions. Over his 10 years at Calyx,Sylvain has been involved in product strategy for various Clinical solutions such as IRT, EDC, eCOA and patient sensors. He is now one of the driving forces behind Calyx’s IRT product innovation, focusing on applying innovative solutions to reduce the technology burden imposed on sites,so they can focus on what is the most important: patients

Malcolm Morrissey

Since obtaining a PhD in Statistical Inference in 2001, Malcolm Morrissey has had broad experience as a research associate, statistician, and manager in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined Calyx in 2005 and currently manages a team whose duties include supporting and developing randomization and medication management algorithms for clinical trials managed by IRT.

May 13, 2021

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