Track A:
Advancements in IO Imaging

Panel: Advances in Using Novel Biology Driven Imaging Techniques to Help Inform Drug Development

Over the last four decades, CT, MRI, and even X-ray have been used to really measure the size of tumors. This has been an extreme oversimplification and ignorant of the tumor biology. This panel addresses beyond digital caliper, what else has been accomplished once we recognized the limitation of it? Key topics include:

  • Historical context on where we have been and what was able to be accomplished previously
  • What we have been doing with radiomics to generate more biology that is hidden within the images
  • Use of molecular techniques, such as FDG PET in solid tumors and molecular PET probes (CD8, etc)
  • Other metabolic approaches and what is next

Join us in New York City

Exhibit Booth# (TBD)

February 16 – 18, 2022

February 16, 2022
2:40PM-3:20PM EST


Oliver Bohnsack, MD PhD MBA image

Oliver Bohnsack, MD PhD MBA

Vice President, Medical Imaging and Head of Oncology, Calyx

In leading the imaging component of oncology studies for Calyx’s global customers, Oliver leverages his experience from supporting over 600 clinical trials – with various indications, complexities, and in all phases of development – which led to the approval of over 20 oncology treatments. He is co-author of the immune-related response criteria (irRC, 2009), first author of irRECIST (2014), and co-author of Comparison of Assessments using RECIST and irRECIST by Eggleton P. et al. (2020).

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