Calyx Certification Program


Calyx Certificaton Program


Master the use of Calyx technology

Want to become an expert in solving complex clinical trial challenges? And be the “go-to” person for getting the most out of eClinical technologies to accelerate clinical development?

Gain the credibility that will set you apart.

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What is the Calyx Certification Program?

The Calyx Certification Program enables Calyx eClinical and Regulatory system users to achieve clinical development and regulatory objectives by mastering their use of Calyx technology. By completing online or in-person training modules and participating in Calyx events, Calyx-Certified individuals enhance their abilities to overcome daily challenges and benefit from the real results delivered by advanced technology.

Why Get Certified?

By becoming certified, Calyx system users get a leg up on the competition, from the perspective of:

  • Product development / compliance: By advancing their skills and learning how to optimize Calyx systems, Calyx-Certified individuals deliver the results their teams need.
  • Professional development: Calyx-Certified individuals become integral to their teams’ success.
  • Save time:  Certifications often last 2 to 3 years over multiple studies.

In addition, upon completion of each training program / event, Calyx-Certified individuals receive a digital badge that they can proudly display on their social media channels. More badges = more knowledge, so sign up and start collecting badges today!

Calyx Certification Program Offerings

Calyx is currently offering certifications to individuals who complete brief courses in:

EDC Study Design Builder

This 5 day workshop is intended to provide familiarity with Calyx EDC and a firm foundation for using the Calyx EDC Design Tool to build clinical studies.


EDC Train the Trainer

This course is designed to train on using Calyx EDC knowledge and trainer skills to lead delivery of a Calyx Training session for multiple roles.


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